Xaraés, a birders paradise

As one of our guests said in 2005 “Xaraés is a real birders paradise” . Its landscape is the southern Pantanal in a nutshell: all ecotypes are present, even during the driest months it still has swamps and a river with more or less stagnant or flowing water and even more important: it has the unique combination between cattle farming and nature conservation. All these factors together are highly attractive for birds, and their followers the human birdwatchers. Xaraés Ecotourism welcome amateurs but also professional ornithologists. Bilingual guides with an excellent knowledge of the area and the location of even the most reclusive and shy birds are always available.

Birds at Xaraés

For a birdlist (edition 2005) click here!

Birding trips to Xaraés

Xaraés has an excellent relationship with several tour operators who shall be more then happy to help you with your trip. Please check our links for their addresses. For your individual bookings please check out our prices and ask for availabilities.

Make more of your birding trip to the Pantanal

The Pantanal is a mosaic of different areas with their own characteristic flora and fauna. Xaraés is an excellent focal point for day-trips in the southern part. For
the northern part, best reached out of Cuiaba (Mato Grosso), we could advise another top-location for birders: Fazenda Curicaca Lodge. Along the Transpantaneira it is easily reached by car. For more information send an e-mail to their director, Helder Cintra Freitas (curicaca@terra.com.br or helderfreitas@terra.com.br)