Remplir les Champs au – dessous et commenté votre voyage au Pantanal.

1. Ilse, Haarlem, The Netherlands 2019.11.15 02:29
With a group of 5 friends I have visited Xaraés lodge in February 2019.
Our visit was out of season, but despite the dry season we enjoyed our stay very much!

We joined several activities, horseback riding, canoeing, piranha fishing and walking with our tour guide. Every time we were amazed to see the all kinds of wildlife and beautiful nature!
The owners and the staff where very friendly and helpful, they really made us feel at home. Good food and comfortable rooms.
We stayed for 2 nights and we even tried to expand our stay, but unfortunately we where not able to change our flight for a reasonable price.

I would recommend Xaraés lodge to everyone how loves nature.
Maybe, hopefully in the future we will get a chance to visit your lodge again during the wet season.

Xaraés, thank you for the wonderful experience!
2. Samia Dela Croci Formigoni, JUNDIAI, SP, BRASIL2019.05.06 16:54
Eu e meu marido tínhamos muita vontade de conhecer o Pantanal. Eis que começamos pelo Pousada Xaraés. Fomos muito bem recebidos, nos sentimos muito acolhidos.
Nosso guia Edinho nos deu uma aula na vida no Pantanal, onde junto com o guia Albo Jones e Rogerio nos proporcionaram essa experiência épica!
Com certeza voltaremos em outras épocas para explorar ainda mais a natureza belíssima que o Pantanal tem a oferecer com o conforto da pousada.
Obrigada Sandra e a toda a sua equipe pela hospitalidade. Vocês ficarão para sempre em nossos corações.
3. Veronica, Corumbá, MS2018.10.15 00:41

Vi abaixo uma reclamação de uma pessoa que teve que fazer um pagamento extra por uma atividade. Gostaria de saber o que está incluso na diária e o que é pago à parte.
4. Tjabbe En Mark, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands2018.06.08 06:47
Hello lodge hoste,

We (Tjabbe and Mark), students from the Netherlands, will visit Brazil during our holiday trip (august 2018).
Nowadays we are busy with the preparation of our travel plan, this is why we look for ways of transport (from city to city), nice places to stay and amazing activities. Throughout our trip we want to explore the Brazilian beaches, natural wonders, Brazilian people & culture.

We would like to travel by bus from Foz do Iguacu > Campo Grande through the night, arriving in Campo Grande in the morning on August 12th.

During our research into activities in the Pantanal we encountered your site. We are interested in what you offer and whether you have place in your lodge in the period from 12 to 15augutus for two persons. We also have a number of questions.

Please could you tell us of you haven some rooms available in this period? And could you tell something about the prices?
Is it possible that you send us a sheet with activities, provided by the lodge?
Is it possible that we travel by a rental car to the lodge, or do you have a pick- up service available?
Please could give some answers on the above questions? Or are there opportunities within your company to cover our needs?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

With best wishes

Tjabbe and Mark

5. Andrea Luna, Santiago, Nuevo León, México2016.10.26 19:40
**Volunteer Opportunity Information**


My name is Andrea Luna and I'm an Industrial Engineer Student from Mexico. I came to Brazil to volunteer for the Rio Olympics. After that, I came to Belo Horizonte as an exchange student at PUC Minas. I'm passionate about volunteering, nature, travel and wildlife. I love being in contact with people and sharing experiences. I have abroad experience in community work and conservation projects, such as in South Africa, working for the University of South Africa for 6 months and the Engineers Without Borders. I have a broad experience working with non-profits (6 years), social development projects and research for social impact, fundraising activities, partnership building and event planning. I have received various awards regarding leadership, environment, ethics and innovation.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. My biggest strengths are being a leader, hard working, and I have the ability to learn and pick up things pretty fast. I love being proactive and to propose new ideas and improvements everywhere I go. I love leaving the places I visit better than how I found them.

I saw the volunteering opportunity that you offer and I think that it's unique and a once in a life experience. I would be more than happy to help with guest attendance, english teaching for the staff and general maintenance. I must admit I don’t have a lot of experience regarding this topic, but I'll be happy to learn. I'm also a yoga instructor, so if there's any chance I can propose activities related to work outs for the guest or staff, I would be happy to do it! I'll be able to volunteer with you from the 1st of December to the 28th. Please if you have availability to accept volunteers on these dates, send me an email to Thank you so much, kind regards.
6. Rosana Gomes De Campos, Guarulhos, SP, Brasil2016.02.02 21:59
Boa noite,

Gostaria de orçamento para entrada em 19/02/2016 e saída 21/02/2016 de madrugada para casal.

7. Nicolle Alvino, Cotia, São Paulo, Brasil2016.01.20 22:57
Ficamos 7 dias na pousada em Janeiro/16. Foi uma experiencia incrivel. O guia Marcelo conhece muito bem a fauna, flora e geografia do Pantanal. Nos guiou em todos os passeios que foram maravilhosos. A comida simples e deliciosa, com sobremesaa regionais Vimos diversos animais na pousada como: tatu, veado, araras, jacarés e diversos pássaros. Com certeza pretendo voltar mais vezes.
8. Marcos Antonio Ferreira Da Silva, Americana, São Paulo, Brasil2016.01.13 14:44
Estivemos na Pousada Xaraés em duas famílias na semana passada (Janeiro/16) e foi uma ótima experiência. Ambiente agradável, limpo, comida simples, porém muito boa. Os animais são vistos na natureza e é muito lindo. As atividades foram fantásticas e a família adorou o passeio à cavalo. O guia Marcelo foi ótimo em todas as atividades e nos atendeu com presteza e cuidado. Queremos voltar novamente.
9. Roni Jorge De Souza, sao paulo, sp, brasil2015.10.20 13:51
estive com o grupo trilha brasil foi a terceira vez que estive na fazenda xaraes e vou voltar mais vezes bela organização um abraco a todos
10. Janet, Chris And Ben Palmer, Missoula, Montana, USA2015.06.15 19:37
I am writing to thank the staff at Pousada Xaraés for providing my family with a fantastic vacation. We were greeted cheefully and taken care of during out entire stay. All three of us consider our visit to Pousada Xaraés the trip of a life time!!

We were so impressed with the whole experience! The staff was so very friendly and helpful. Marcelo is an excellent guide and is quite knowledgeable about so much of the area. We mostly appreciated his help in identifying over 90 different types of birds. (Marcelo, we almost made it to 100!) The food was good and plentiful and the coffee was always hot.

Our room was quite spacious and comfortable. I have read some other comments that talk about the lodging being rustic but perfectly suited to the surroundings. I couldn\'t agree more! If you are looking for an upscale resort then you should look elsewhere. However, Pousada Xaraés has everything a person could need! We visited during the last week of May. Being from Montana, we were quite comfortable with the warm days and slightly cool evenings. We slept with all the windows open!!

We enjoyed all of the different activities that Marcelo arranged for us: boating, canoeing, safari riding, horseback riding, walking and fishing. I will never forget the caiman stealing the piranha off the end of my fishing line!

The Pantanal is an extraordinary area. We saw it in the transition from the wet season of summer to the dry season of winter. Imagining the area flooded was difficult (despite seeing the many high water marks on the trees and fence posts). I would love to return during the wet season to see the change!

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation that includes lots of different types of animals (especially birds) then you will love the Pantanal. I simply cannot recommend this place highly enough for anyone looking for a very unique vacation!