The Xaraés lodge is 340 Kms from Campo Grande, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and 130 Kms from Corumbá, the main town in the southern pantanal. From either of these centers, take the main highway, BR 262, as far as the forestry police station at “Buraco das Piranhas”. Then 29 Kms of dirt road, 17 of which are on the road park. This state road, created in 1993, is, today, one of the the most important access roads to various regions of the Pantanal, such as Abobral, Nhecolândia, Paraguai and Paiaguás. The road park is made up of the MS 184 and the MS228 state roads combined with a 30 meter strip of conserved land on either side. The total extension is about 120 Kms which includes the ferry crossing of the Paraguai river and the more than 100 wooden bridges that are necessary to allow drainage of the flood waters that cover most of the land in the flood season.

In the flood season, access from the road park to the lodge is made by boat, using for this the Abobral river, which is very beautiful and where it is possible to observe a great variety of widlife and typical regional vegetation.

On approaching the lodge’s ranch, you go through some wonderful countryside which contains all sorts of animals, such as Capybara, the largest living rodent in the world, Yacare Caimans, Jabiru Storks, Giant Anteaters, egrets and herons.

It is also possible to travel to the lodge from Campo Grande, Aquidauana or Coumbá by air taxi that use the private airstrip on the farm, which is totally fenced off to animals, approximately north/south orientated, equiped with a convential wind-sock and the geographic coordinates are S 19° 29' 48,2" - W 056° 57' 34,4". SWMJ

To help plan your trip, you have access below to schematical maps of the region with distances from the principal Brazilian towns as well as official Brazilian road maps.

Distance from
Xaraes Lodge
1484 km